Glimpses of Everyday Life

The “Avenida”

With a single margin prolonged between the unknown of what is yet to come and a city left in postponement, the flat axis is extended in an indivisible breath. The road unrolled over the meeting point, connecting the East to the steep cradle of memory,… Ler | Read »The “Avenida”

The “Barreirinha”

The heroic cliff resists the stubborn onslaught of streams. The patron saint’s house, remodeled to the taste of the centuries and the caprices of misfortunes, serves as a weighted lookout over the street tangles. Next to it, the fort of Saint James takes on the… Ler | Read »The “Barreirinha”

The Market

The imposing sobriety of the building hides a profusion of tones, shapes and noises. The Market is a timeless creature, an organism pliable to the desires of each germination, ready to respond promptly to new challenges. In the central square, amidst the bluster of outdated… Ler | Read »The Market

The Pier

Like a crosswalk into the familiarity of a home, the Cais da Cidade prolongs its existence onto the sea like an arm hesitant between the embrace of a friend’s arrival and the farewell of his departure. Nearby, on a pedestal of myth, the discoverer Zarco… Ler | Read »The Pier

The Municipal Garden

Under the branches of the giant tree lingers the void that was once an altar. The presence of the demolished convent is felt in each curved path, between litanies of green and flowered psalms, as some sort of absolute liturgy. The old cloister vanished into… Ler | Read »The Municipal Garden