“Fernão de Ornelas” Street

An urban crossroad designed to be a longitudinal platform to the expected routines. The greedy soul refuses the indolence of holy days with the arrogance of an unbeliever. There, where the street becomes an artery for a diffuse heart, each door is an inevitability – pubs, clothing stores, pharmacies, bookstores, jewelers… the old world of crafts gathered in a common celebration, as a procession suspended in time and space.

The distance is covered in long strides, set to encircle any wanderer and free the path from the heresy of a pause. A legion of urgencies, armed with the bags of modern commercialism, looks sideways at the audacity of those who dare to sit down for a drink. The irregular sidewalk lets itself fall asleep at the bottom of the dry current, enamored by the red damask which the fabric seller furiously unfolds on the counter.